I’ve spent a life-time cursing my ample booty!  Working on it….trying to shrink it, squeezing it into way too tight jeans….and wishing it would diminish in size.

Then in my early 50’s I started to wonder where it was going.  And wanting it back.  We’re never satisfied!

Is your butt getting an un-welcome, un-perky shape?

Muscles feeling a bit spongy?  Genetics play a big part.  Check out your Mums derrière!  But in this age bracket, you can also blame the dwindling supply of oestrogen.

Oestrogen stimulates fat stores in your butt when you’re younger.  When it’s in a dwindling supply…..that extra fat gets re-directed away from your butt and usually ends up on your belly!  Yeah….it’s so unfair!

And trust me…….you’re not alone.  There’s many perks about being in this age bracket.  This isn’t one of them.

BUT……you can turn it around……

Your butt (glutes, derriere) form part of your CORE muscles.  And play a big part in how you move, sit, stand and your posture.  AND whether or not you end up with lots of nagging knee, hip and back issues.

They’re 3 parts to your butt muscles…..

Gluteus maximus – the meaty part of your butt…..at the back.

Gluteus medius – the side muscles of your butt (higher up) – they have a fan-like shape.

Gluteus minimus – the deepest and smallest of the muscles (slightly lower than the gluteus medius above) and similar in shape and function.

They all play an important part.  It helps to think about your butt muscles in 3 parts when you think about working them in your exercise routine.

How to fix a flat butt….

What if you spent a few minutes before your workout targeting your butt muscles?

This exercise sequence works!  BUT it’s not a ‘try if for a week or two’ then throw in the towel because you’re not sporting an amazingly perky bubble butt!

Be consistent for one month……3-4 x per week.  You’ll see and feel a difference.  Then….keep going!

I started doing this sequence because of an arthritic issue with my right hip.  After a couple of months my hubby’s like….”Wow you’ve been working hard!”.  Not hard…..just consistently!

He’s not big on compliments!  So when he does offer one up….I know he means it!

And it massively helped my hip!

Try it out.  Be consistent.  Click on the link here… How To Fix A Flat Butt  OR hit the button at the top of the page…….

Then let me know how you go with it after a month or so……or sooner!   Truly…I love to hear from you.

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