Can males and females do these workouts?

First up – there is no reason to train differently based on your sex.  Both males and females gain and lose muscle and fat the same way, albeit at different rates.
Of course men and women generally have different goals that they want to achieve with their bodies, but that can still be achieved with the same program.
We all need to have a strong core and weights and resistance can be adjusted to a male or females strength capabilities, to achieve the required result.

Can I skip a workout and do another kind of exercise on that day?

Please try and stick to the workouts as outlined in the program.
Although, after you have finished the program……..absolutely!
The workouts are a guideline to follow but if you would like to do some other type of exercise that you enjoy – go for it.
It is important that you make your workout plan your own, to fit your lifestyle. The idea is to just keep moving – and to congratulate yourself that you are!

What if I miss a workout or two?

Please don’t beat yourself up or stress over it.  Just get back on track and return to start at the days that you missed.  This is lifelong so be kind to yourself.

Is it ok to workout in the morning and do a cardio routine at night?

Absolutely. This is a fabulous way to ramp up your metabolism and to burn more calories. Try doing your assigned workout in the morning and then doing a cardio routine of your choice in the evening………power walking, running, skipping, cycling or a fitness class. You will really start to see a difference in your body shape and lean muscle.
I would recommend doing this no more than three times per week as you don’t want your wonderful energy to burn out!

What should I do if I don’t have the equipment used in one of the workouts?

If you really want to avoid those expensive gym memberships and learn how to get the best out of your body at home or even travelling, then I highly recommend you invest in the inexpensive pieces of equipment as listed in the “Training Tools Needed” section of your program.
These “Training Tools” take up very little space and just give so much more variety and interest to your daily workouts. If working out is always interesting and challenging then you are more likely to stick with it…….and that is what we want!

I want to get stronger and fitter but I just don’t have the time!

Make the time! We live in a society where you are deemed to be successful if you are just “really, really busy”!
That is not success – that is imbalance.
All the money in the world is not going to help you if you don’t have your health and fitness. Life just looks that much sweeter when you are a fit, healthy person.
Look after “you” first and foremost and then everyone around you will benefit from the improved energy and happiness that comes from you.
It is not selfish to put yourself first. If you are not the best you can be in health and fitness then the people closest to you will always suffer.