Crab Walk Set-Up!

This is a short clip from one of my workout videos so make sure you check out the extra training tips below the video.

Extra Training Tips:

    • Try not to ‘rock around’ in your upper body when you step out.  Keep your upper body still!  Make the effort come from your lower body.
    • Draw up on your belly button.  So you take the pressure off your lower back.
    • Make sure your knees aren’t dropping in.  Being in front of a mirror is ideal.   Or look down regularly and check them as you step out and step in.
    • If they’re dropping in – tie the tubing ABOVE your knees.  AND slow down.  Till you get the form right.  Less is more!

    In this video I’m doing 2 steps out and in – for demo purposes.  But you can step the length of your room.  Or do 10 steps one way/then back.  Repeat this 4-5 x.