5 Day 20 Minute Workout Challenge

Workout 2

What to do first?

Stretch!  I give you ‘static and dynamic’ stretch routine options in my ZenStrength50plus programs.  But for the purpose of this challenge, do your own stretch routine.  Pre workout and post workout.  It’s a MUST in this age bracket.  Make it non-negotiable!

Play your favourite music. It makes a big difference to your energy levels.  AND if you can train in front of a mirror – even better!

When you first do a workout, whether online or in person, you might not always be in time with the instructor.

Be patient and kind to yourself.

It might take a couple of times through to get the flow!

So if you’re not always in time with me….it’s ok.

Just focus on your form.

Speed and flexibility will come in time!

Viewing Tip…

The internet gods can be finicky!  So if you’re having any troubles opening up the videos, try clearing the cache on your computer first.  Does the trick every time!

What you need:

2 x 1-1.5 KG (2-3LB) Dumbbells

Yoga Mat

Favourite Workout Music