“Wow….they’re little feet for THOSE legs!”

A male masseuse said this to me several years ago.  I was 3/4 naked on the table.  In my most vulnerable position.  And in my paranoid mind he was basically saying ”Sh…t you’ve got MASSIVE legs!”

I did a lot of heavy weights back then so it might have been a fair assessment!  And I did end up with my Dads legs!  Not my Mothers beautiful, shapely running legs!

I still kept seeing him though for my monthly massage.  He was a brilliant soft tissue therapist.  And I just accepted that yeah – I had STRONG legs!  Yaaaay for me!  Oh and cute little feet!  So f….you!

It feels empowering to have strong legs!  Strong balanced leg muscles protect your joints.  And in this age bracket – your training SHOULD focus around ‘joint protection’!

Chair Pose Variations

There’s lots of challenging tweaks you can make to the classic holding chair pose.  It keeps your workouts interesting if you can take a basic exercise to another level.

‘Holding’ poses are an efficient way of stressing and challenging your muscles.  Increasing your heart-rate and encouraging you to control your breath.

Throw a few into your workouts!

This is a short snippet from one of my workout videos. It’s part of a light weight/high rep workout.  You can use a slightly heavier weight if you’re doing a different style of workout.  But don’t go too heavy or you’ll aggravate your neck.

Read the tips below first for this chair pose variation..…

Training Tips:

  • Feet hip width apart.  Holding 2 x 1-1.5kg DB’s. (Or heavier)
  • Sit your butt back.  Imagine you’re about to sit on the loo!
  • Hinge forward from the hips.
  • Your back is long – your neck is long.  Look diagonally down at the ground.
  • Draw up on your belly button to protect your lower back.
  • Single row/single row.  Try not to ‘rock around’ in your upper body here.
  • Double forward raise. (Don’t look up!)
  • Relax your toes!  No gripping!
  • Repeat 10x
  • Then repeat twice throughout your workout.

Don’t give up or give in!

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