“Oh sh…t what about my troches”!  One of my first thoughts!  March 2020 the world was going into lockdown and governments were screaming at their citizens to get a flight home!

In the midst of a crisis, it wasn’t my only somewhat shallow thought.  But it was pretty close to the top!

I’d spent 4yrs flying back to Australia to pick up my hormone-troche (like a hormone filled lozenge) script.  Now the flying option was off the table, I had 6 mths supply left.  So I halved my dose and dragged it out for another year.

Nothing in my eating or training changed. But two things I noticed with the lesser dose….and were exacerbated when I fully ran out…

  • Achy, achy body…leaving me tired and drained…
  • And more belly fat….which is sort of depressing when you’re doing everything else right!

It’s hard to be positive and perky about life if you’re continually achy and sluggish!  And when crappy things are happening to your body and mind….your stress levels go up.  Which equals a big bump up in cortisol levels. And increased cortisol levels equals belly fat!

I’m sharing this not because I just want to blab about myself.  But maybe you can relate in someway.

To make changes to your body in this age bracket…

…..you need a ‘level hormonal playing field’.

Eating clean and training hard?  But not getting the body-changing results for all your hard effort?  Blame your hormones!  I know.  I’ve I’ve been there…twice in my life!

Your ovaries, like the rest of your body, are naturally ageing. So there’s fewer nicely-balanced hormones released.   Which means your oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone become – unbalanced!

That imbalance for some is big.  For others maybe not so big.  But either way your health, digestive system and feel-good vibes take a hit.

And this’ll go on for years..…if you don’t give your hormones a helping hand.

So if you haven’t already done it…..find a Hormone Doctor.

One who specialises in Bio-Identical Plant Derived Hormones.  And get tested!

Just google in your area.  Maybe email a couple of them and ask some questions.  To see how generous they are with their info.

You’ll be given a blood test.  Some do a saliva test.  A thorough Doctor will test for everything…progesterone, oestrogen, dhea, testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, iron, Vit D…etc!

Then they write you a script to suit what your body needs. And a specialised compounding pharmacist makes up the script.  So you’re basically getting exactly what your body’s low in.

Some Doctors prescribe troches (it’s like a lozenge you dissolve in the cheek of your mouth).  Or cream to rub on your body.

It’s a very personal decision. Do your homework. Research, research, research. Ask for references and referrals from people you know.  So you feel comfortable and excited by your decision.

And if you’re not sure…..get tested anyway. Your test results will give you a clear picture of what’s happening to the hormones in your unique body.

This info is GOLD! It’s like a light bulb moment. Armed with this you can stop beating yourself up!  AND try other alternative, natural ways of levelling out your hormones.

Knowledge Is Power!

A friend in Bali has since put me onto a compounding pharmacist in Jakarta!  So at the time of writing this – I’m back on my hormones.  In cream form this time.

What have I noticed?….

  • Far less aching…
  • The extra belly fat is going….

Don’t give up or give in!

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