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Train Smarter Not Harder 20 Minute Workouts!

20 minute workouts - Lunge with overhead pilates ball

I’ve been hit with some really great questions in the past few weeks…….do any of these resonate with you? What’s the most beneficial exercises to do in a limited time? How can I do a quick workout, that works? I want workouts with variety – I get bored! How can I fit a workout in? […]

How To Get The Body You Want In Your 50’s…..

DB forward raise for making your body strong

Focus on Body Strengthening Exercises In Your 50’s! Disappearing boobs and a drawn face are generally the result of focused ‘weight loss’ in this age bracket.  And Those Are The Two Areas you might WANT your Weight To Stay On! If you focus instead, on strengthening exercises and work on toning and building yourmuscles, you […]

The Holiday Bloat – 5 Ways To Avoid It…..

Beat holiday weight gain - keep exercising

Holiday weight gain – want to avoid it?  Wish you could come home feeling great…….and super energised? Does the overeating, drinking and lack of exercise on your holiday leave you feeling bloated AND depressed, at the thought of having to try and lose those extra kilos when you get home? Holiday weight gain sucks but […]

Annoying Belly Fat For Women In Their 50’s – 6 Ways To Deal With It!

Lose annoying menopausal belly fat in your 50's

Women In Their 50’s And That Annoying Belly Fat! It’s frustrating and depressing. Well you can thank a decrease, that starts in your 40’s, in the hormones estrogen and progesterone for women and testosterone for men, that’s giving you that belly that you seem to have no control over! Your life might be quite stressful […]

Menopause – 4 Ways To Deal With The Dreaded Flat Butt!

Kiss that flat butt goodbye by squatting correctly!

Are you approaching peri-menopause or menopause and wondering “What happened to my butt”! Genetics and ageing play a part in having ‘flat butt’ issues. Your genes will certainly determine the general shape of your butt. However when you’re younger and in your ‘child bearing years’ your estrogen levels mean you store fat in your butt, […]