I haven’t worn heels since 2016.  Basically since I arrived in Bali.  I cringe when I see women here wearing them.  If you’ve been here, you’d understand why!


Tackling the footpaths is a ‘try not to break a leg’ obstacle course!  Deep gaping holes, uneven surfaces (an understatement) and dubious smelling things smeared on the pavement!


Suing an establishment here is unheard of!  So most cafes and hotels have super slippery tiles. Infinity ponds in random places and stairs that follow NO standard government measurements.  Getting up and down them is a work-out.


It all looks fabulous.  But you’d be breaking so many health & safety codes in a western country!


The prospect of rolling your ankle or breaking a leg is real (if you don’t have your wits about you).  Even in flat shoes.


So adding heels into the mix is doubling your chances of ending up on the floor!


I used to totter around in stilettos and short skirts in my 20’s.  And come home with seriously achy legs and feet. Did I stop wearing them?  No way.  I wouldn’t dream of going out in flat shoes back then!


Then I discovered the Legs up the Wall pose.   So after every big night out, I’d spend 30 minutes on the ground with my legs in the air.  Oh sweet relief!


It’s simple but super effective.  You can immediately feel the heaviness draining out of your legs.  Plus it’s a ‘body and mind’ relaxing position to be in.

Achy legs and feet……?

Try this……

Achy legs and feet? Starting position
Achy legs and feet? Legs up the wall
  • Put on some chill-out music.
  • Place a blanket or mat on the floor.  Narrow end up against the wall.
  • You might need support for your head.  (Your head needs to be in line with your spine when you lay down).  Have a folded up towel or small pillow handy.
  • Sit with knees bent and body sideways and close to the wall.  (See pic).
  • Drop your body to the side and swing your legs up the wall.  (See pic).
  • Shuffle your body in towards the wall.  So your butt is pressed up against it.  Or as close as you can.
  • If your head is tilted back OR when you touch your neck it feels tight.  Grab your head support.
  • Let your arms splay out and totally relax your body.
  • Stay for 5-10 minutes…or longer if you’re loving it!

Alternative to this……

If you find it difficult to get your butt close to the wall.  OR it feels uncomfortable for your lower back.  You can use a yoga bolster or folded up blanket.


Place it up against the wall and follow the instructions above to swing yourself into position.


It can feel a little awkward to get your butt up on the bolster…. but shuffle around and you’ll figure it out!


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