How To Get The Body You Want In Your 50’s…..

DB strengthening exercises

Focus on Body Strengthening Exercises In Your 50’s!

Disappearing boobs and a drawn face are generally the result of focused ‘weight loss’ in this age bracket.

 And Those Are The Two Areas you might WANT your Weight To Stay On!

If you focus instead, on strengthening exercises and work on toning and building your
muscles, you WILL change the shape of your body and you WILL lose weight.

That Muscle Tone Will –

– increase your metabolism which equals losing your extra kilos

– change the way you stand

– the way you move

……..and the way you look.

And If You Train Correctly…..

You’ll improve your cardio
fitness levels.

With that burst of cardio fitness, will
come a change in the way you choose to eat.

When you live in a
healthy, fit body you don’t enjoy putting ‘rubbish’ into it
anymore.  In fact your body will not
crave it.

Weight loss will
come but it will be weight that is not so taxing on your face or your boobs!

Your Body Shape And The Way
You Hold Yourself Is The Massive Bonus Of Working On Your Strength First.

This Doesn’t Mean You Have To ONLY Lift Heavy
Weights.  A Combo Of……

Heavier weights

Lights weights with isometric movements

And body weight work will transform your

So make that
subtle shift in HOW you think about your body and STOP fixating on weight.
Focus on body STRENGTHENING exercises first!