Holiday Weight Gain – 5 Ways To Avoid It

Holiday Workouts

Holiday weight gain – want to avoid it?   Prefer to come home feeling great…….and super energised?

Does the overeating, drinking and lack of exercise on your holiday leave you feeling bloated? Perhaps also a bit depressed, at the thought of having to try and lose those extra kilos when you get home?

Holiday weight gain is damn frustrating and it shouldn’t have to be this way every time you travel.

I love travelling too and spent many years like you, frustrated with that annoying holiday weight gain.

However, in my 40’s I decided enough was enough and figured out the way to enjoy my holiday and still come home feeling good!


Have A Plan To Beat Holiday Weight Gain

Look into where you are staying. Is there a gym in the hotel or is there one locally, are you going to do your home workouts in your hotel room and are there lots of great walks you can do?


Pack Your Home Workout Kit!

  • Light yoga mat for your room.
  • Theraband for stretching
  • Spiky ball for those tight muscles (great to use after a long haul flight)
  • Inflatable pilates ball
  • Your printed up workouts OR……
  • Your downloaded corestrength50plus 20 minute workouts. Structured in 10 minute rounds so even if you only want to do 10 minutes – you still get a great workout.
  • Running shoes for those long hikes.


Pack Snacks

If you’re unsure about the availability of healthy snacks where you are going, take some small packets of nuts with you, rice crackers or maybe some healthy treats that you have made yourself at home.


Train First Thing Before Breakfast

This will have you feeling amazingly energised for the day, boost your metabolism and leave you ready to really enjoy your holiday breakfast!


Mindful Drinking

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two on holiday but try and be rational with it!

Also remember to keep hydrated! 2.5-3 litres of water per day.


Have an amazing holiday!