Eating Tips During Menopause – 6 Tips To Help

Eating tips during menopause

Do you feel like strange things have been happening to your body recently?  Do you need some eating tips during menopause to help?

  • Perhaps there is fat where there was never fat before.
  • Muscles that used to be firm and toned no longer feel that way.
  • Weight seems to be creeping on, although your eating has not changed.

Your hormones play a huge part in this menopause period but 80% of weight gain is usually what is going in your mouth.

So sometimes it is good to stop and have a bit of a close look at what and how you’re eating and to have some eating tips during menopause, on hand!

Because often what may have worked for you for many years, may not be beneficial to you anymore pre and post menopause and it is time to tweak a few things.

6 Eating Tips During Menopause


Deprivation Is NOT the Answer During Menopause

This does not mean going on some crazy diet!   Just as overeating will kill your weight loss efforts – crash dieting will slow down your metabolism and set you up for all sorts of weight gain issues.

Therefore choose quality foods in smaller portions over quantity. Many of the French who can be pretty lean, seem to have it nailed. They eat full fat, good quality foods in small portions. Never depriving themselves of the good things in life but not having to eat until they are bursting at the seams! There is a lesson to be learnt here.

Eating tips during menopause don't count calories


Stop Counting Calories!

Food is more than calories. It is about the nutrient density. Foods packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats.

So just because you’re hitting your daily calorie requirements doesn’t mean that your body is being fed with the right amount of nutrition.

Nutrient rich foods leave you feeling satisfied and feed your body what it needs to function beautifully on a daily basis.

Therefore think unprocessed, organic, foods that are in or as close to their natural state as possible.

Eating tips during menopause opt for green juice rather than fruit juices


Fruit Juice & Fruit

Be aware of the amount of fruit you are putting into your juice. Natural or not – fruit is full of sugar. Because when you take the fibre away by juicing it, all you have is a massive burst of sugar!

This sugar burst causes a spike in blood sugar which triggers a secretion of insulin (the fat storing hormone).

This spike in blood sugar is usually followed by a crash that can make you tired, hungry and craving more sugar!

So opt for a green veggie juice and if you need it just add a small handful of berries or small portion of fruit to give it that extra sweetness.

Limit your daily fresh fruit intake to 1 or 2 pieces as fruit still just breaks down into sugar. Sugar is not your friend if you are trying to lose belly fat!

Therefore this goes doubly for dried fruit which is just packed with fructose.

Always eat your fruit BEFORE your meal as otherwise it can ferment in your gut on top of all the other food your body is trying to digest ,causing bloating and the dreaded flatulence!

These are particularly great eating tips during menopause to take on board!


Forget Reduced Fat – Opt For Full Fat!

Eating foods that are high in fat does not translate to body fat!

Good fats are a major source of fuel for the body and help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins.  This is extremely important during the menopausal years.

Reduced fat products are overly processed and are usually topped up with sugar to make them more palatable. Therefore you will just end up eating more, trying to get to that satisfaction level that you would have reached quite easily with a full fat product!

Think extra virgin olive oil, nuts, nut butters, seeds, sardines, salmon, avocado’s etc.

Eating tips during menopause remember to eat fresh and raw


Eat The ‘Raw’ On Your Plate First!

Make sure there is always a portion of raw vegetables on your plate and try and eat this first.

It doesn’t have to be huge – just a few mouthfuls. Particularly if it’s winter, which can be a tough time to enjoy eating salads!

The nutrients and enzymes in this raw serve will get your digestive track going and make it easier to digest the rest of your meal.

Eating tips during menopause nutritious breakfast


Protein Only For Breakfast!

A great way to ‘tweak’ your body to make it work for you, is to eat protein and healthy fats, only, for breakfast. Think egg and avocado or nut butters or even having your leftover protein dinner without the starchy carbohydrates.

The idea is that you haven’t eaten anything since your evening meal at perhaps 7pm, then the next meal you have is protein and healthy fats only. So your body is in effect still using body fat for energy until you eat some starchy carbohydrates at lunchtime.

It’s a great way to burn body fat without depriving yourself.

Look at each meal you eat and ask yourself ‘where is the goodness and vitality in this plate of food’?

Think of your eating as a way of nourishing and fuelling your body so it functions at it’s absolute best.

Take on these 6 eating tips during menopause and you will start to see a change in your body!

Elaine is a Master Trainer with over 27 years of experience in nutrition and training styles. Being in her 50’s she understands what works for this age group. That is why she has developed the CBT20 Core Body Transformation 20 online 14 week training program and the CF20 Core Fusion 20 online 8 week training program. Elaine has also published a free E-Book on developing core strength in your 50’s.