Menopause – 4 Ways To Deal With The Dreaded Flat Butt!

Correct Squatting during menopause

Are you approaching peri-menopause or menopause and wondering “What happened to my butt”!

Genetics and ageing play a part in having ‘flat butt’ issues.

Your genes will certainly determine the general shape of your butt.

However when you are younger and in your ‘child bearing years’ your estrogen levels mean you store fat in your butt giving it a nice full appearance.

As you age the hormonal changes of menopause causes lower levels of estrogen which tends to take that lovely full butt fat and deposit it in your stomach! The dreaded ‘menopause weight gain’.

Yes I know – it’s so unfair!!

I’ve spent most of my life wishing my butt was smaller! Now in my 50’s I sometimes wish it was bigger!

You can’t win. Sometimes we truly are our own worst enemies. When you have it, you don’t want it and when you suddenly don’t have it, you wish you had it back!

Wherever you might be on the ‘butt scale’ this is an extremely important group of muscles to work on during menopause.

Because even though the hormonal changes you are going through are making these annoying and sometimes depressing changes to your body occur – this is not the time to do nothing and just accept it.

If you let these butt (glute) muscles go, you open yourself up to all sorts of other problems within your body……

Lower back pain

Postural problems

Pelvis and hip issues

Knee and ankle niggles

So even if the superficial side of how your butt looks doesn’t bother you anymore, at least think about the other problems that will occur if you don’t start working those butt (glute) muscles!

First Up:

Check your posture. If you tend to slouch and are rounded through the shoulders this can lead to a flat butt.

Do a little posture check by standing with your heels against the wall and shoulders against the wall (pulled back and down). The small of your back should not touch the wall. This indicates that your tailbone is in a ‘tucked under’ position. If it is, it is probably time to start working those butt muscles.


Get Your Hormones tested.

If your hormones are ‘out of whack’ which is very likely at this stage in life then it can be challenging and difficult to get the results you want from any healthy eating and training program that you might be doing.

I highly recommend that you get your hormones tested. Through a Hormone Doctor who specialises in Bio-Identical Hormone replacement.

This is a very personal decision and one that you need to investigate for yourself to be totally comfortable with.

But for many women – this can be a life-changing step.


Squat, Squat and Squat!

How you actually squat is imperative to how much success you will have building those glute muscles.

You MUST – sit your butt back when you squat. Always imagine you are about to sit back onto the loo! It may sound a bit ‘wrong’ to cue you like that – but you will always get the action right after hearing this!

Try putting your body under load when you squat by holding some fairly heavy DB’s. This will really get your glutes fired up.

Also try holding your squat in the lowest position for a count of 3-5 seconds before you come up. Nice and slow and controlled!

Or try pulsing at the lowest position for 3-5 seconds before you come up for a real glute burn!

3 sets of 12-15 reps worked into your routine every couple of days.

I have some great tips on Instagram and Facebook for squatting and reverse lunging (another great one for your butt). Check out the posts in the first week of September 2018.


Exercise Sliders!

Invest in a set of Slides. This affordable training tool enables you to do some fantastic lower body movements that really work your glutes.

menopausal glute work

OR invest in a Freeform Board. This is a fabulous but fairly expensive training tool that also allows you to really target your leg and glute muscles.

Both are great and will make it easier and much more fun for you to really target those glute muscles.

Exercise Sliders can be brought on Amazon.

Freeform Board –,


Core Body Transformation 20 VIDEO Workout Program

Core Fusion 20 VIDEO Workout Program

Try the VIDEO workouts in my two programs. They are all focused on really working those glute muscles with a mixture of………

  • The pulsing movements of Barre work.
  • The targeted movements of Pilates.
  • The static poses of Power Yoga.
  • Putting your body under load with Functional Strength Training.
  • Getting your heart rate going with Low Impact Cardio Moves.

Whatever you choose to do – keep mixing it up! Like all muscles, your glute muscles adapt very quickly to doing the same exercise so you need to keep ‘tweaking’ what you are doing to keep challenging those muscles and to make your workout worthwhile.

Elaine is a Master Trainer with over 27 years of experience in nutrition and training styles. Being in her 50’s she understands what works for this age group. That is why she has developed the CBT20 Core Body Transformation 20 online 14 week training program and the CF20 Core Fusion 20 online 8 week training program. Elaine has also published a free E-Book on developing core strength in your 50’s.