Are You Finding It Hard To Stay Lean After 50?

exercise tips to stay lean after 50

It’s no secret that most women find this stage of life challenging for keeping the weight off and staying lean.


What worked for us in our 30’s and into our 40’s often just doesn’t seem to be working anymore.


I distinctly remember going through a pre-50’s stage of thinking “What the hell is happening to my body”! The way I had trained and ate for years just wasn’t quite working anymore and I had to start tweaking things.


It is easy to think “Oh well – this is peri-menopause or menopause and there’s nothing I can do”.


But I have found with most women (and men too) that at nearly every 10 year stage, your body goes through some sort of physical changes and what we got away with previously just might not be cutting it anymore.


Remember you’re not alone, accept it is happening, then start making the changes necessary to get the best out of your body and mind for that stage of your life.


A couple of proven and effective tips –


Instead of fuelling up before you train, try a fasted workout so your body burns the maximum amount of fat possible.


Ideally train first thing in the morning. It would have been maybe 10-11 hours since you last ate so your body will be using the fuel from your fat cells as energy.  (This is a simplified explanation but easy to understand).



After you have done a cardio style workout (high energy) – try not to eat anything for at least an hour afterwards as your body is still in the fat burning mode!


This might not be possible first thing in the morning if you have time constraints to head off to work. But if you can, give it a try at some other time of the day and make the meal you have an hour after your cardio session, high in protein and low in starchy carbohydrates.



Make your breakfast a protein only one! This is an old Body Building trick but I tell you what – it does the trick!


A few ideas –


nutrition tips to staying lean after 50


Eggs (done any way) with rocquet, spinach or any other green veg and/or mushrooms.




Scrambled eggs wrapped in a nori sheet! This is so yummy and a great dose of iodine to boot. This is essential for menopausal women.




Leftover chicken/fish etc from last nights meal, with a side of avocado or greens.


In fact get away from having your sweet breakfast and try eating a version of your dinner in the morning! Without the starchy carbohydrates.


Depending on your type of work, this might not be for everyone. Some people will need more “fuel” from starchy carbohydrates in the morning to do their work.


But if you want to give it a try it’s another great way to trick your body into using fat for energy.


If your last meal was at 7pm and the next time you eat starchy carbohydrates (rice, pasta, sweet potato etc) is not until lunchtime – then that is a good 17 hours that your body is relying on fat for energy.


Once again, this might not be for everyone but this time of life is about trying some little techniques and tips to see what will work for you.


We are all different and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to nutrition.


Eat clean, organic unprocessed foods – NEVER diet – but try tweaking the way you eat and the times that you eat.

Elaine is a Master Trainer with over 27 years of experience in nutrition and training styles. Being in her 50’s she understands what works for this age group. That is why she has developed the CBT20 Core Body Transformation 20 online 14 week training program and the CF20 Core Fusion 20 online 8 week training program. Elaine has also published a free E-Book on developing core strength in your 50’s.