Should I Workout If I Have An Injury?

Should I workout? Pigeon pose stretch over 50's

Should I workout if I have an injury?  It’s a common question.

I’ve got a niggling exercise injury, right now.  Well, at the time of writing this!


My hip is playing up (an old injury) – not quite sure whether it’s now morphed into a bit of arthritis or bursitis but it’s certainly made me slow down and reassess!


A very wise Yoga Teacher once told me that you should treat an injury as a ‘gift’.   It teaches you a lot about your body.  And makes you have a good hard look at how you move and sit each day.

She was so right!


Exercise Injuries In Your 50’s

Part of training your body is that you’ll experience little niggles and aches and pains on occasion.


Sometimes it’s how you’re training.  Perhaps it could be a form or technique issue or even a particular exercise that’s just not suited to your body anymore.


OR Is It How You’re Moving Or Sitting Each Day

You also get into certain ‘Holding Patterns’ with your body.  These patterns have been engrained in you for years, through your work or even at home.


Perhaps in your job you’re doing lots of repetitive movements – that are slowly aggravating different muscle groups.


OR you’re bent over a computer for most of the day.  Your neck is bent in an awkward position looking at the computer or you’re slouched over rather than upright.


It’s time to reassess your work area and get your computer and chair in the right position.


You know you should get up every 10 minutes and move around when you work on your computer.  But I know how hard that is when your creative juices are flowing!


OR perhaps you’re holding yourself too upright and you’re not relaxed in your body. I recognised this in myself recently (with advice from a good friend!) so I’m working on keeping more relaxed when I sit at the computer!


Take the time to let your injury heal and see it as a ‘gift’ – however annoying that might sound!

Should I workout if I've an injury? Yes - the clam hip strengthening exercise 


Should I workout if I have an injury?

Yes! You can still train and work around a ‘niggle’!

If it’s a hip thing, do upper body-work to give your hip a rest, but also do the ‘ice pack’ – 20 mins on/20 mins off, 3 x per day.  Add in some gentle hip strengthening and stretching exercises.


If you’ve an injury – think outside the box – look at your life and what you do each day that may have been the starting point for your injury.


It can be an ‘ah ha’ moment when you stop and really look at your sometimes ‘questionable’ movement and sitting patterns.