What Is The Quickest Way To Get Fit, Strong & Healthy?

warrior pose with dumbell for core strength during menopause

The Quickest Way Is To – Understand And Embrace The Training Process!


Everyone wants a ‘quick fix’……..particularly in this fast paced day and age.


We want it ‘yesterday’!  The weight loss, core strength, lean muscle and a strong healthy body.


But we somehow have forgotten how long it took us to get in the shape we perhaps are in now.


If it was a gradual process over 4-5 years – you simply cannot expect that in 4-5 weeks you will miraculously be changed!


Be aware of the time it took you to be unfit and out of shape and understand and embrace the commitment and work needed to get you back into shape.


Honour Your Commitment To Health And Fitness

And Embrace The Hard Work!


The commitment and work will make you not only physically strong but mentally strong too.


You are becoming a better version of yourself – not just in appearance but in strength of character when you persevere with your training and challenge your body………even when it feels tough to do so.


The People That Persevere ALWAYS Get The Results!


There will most certainly be times when you “can’t be bothered” and will no doubt spend hours trying to justify to yourself why you shouldn’t train or shouldn’t stick to your healthy, clean eating. But……..


…….replace that negative mental chatter with the feeling that you get after you have done your workout…….remember that feeling, visualise that feeling, WANT that feeling…….then……..


keeping fit during menopause




The Work Is Your Friend And Will Reward You For Many Years To Come – Both Physically and Mentally!

Elaine is a Master Trainer with over 27 years of experience in nutrition and training styles. Being in her 50’s she understands what works for this age group. That is why she has developed the CBT20 Core Body Transformation 20 online 14 week training program and the CF20 Core Fusion 20 online 8 week training program. Elaine has also published a free E-Book on developing core strength in your 50’s.