Having A ‘Food Strategy’ – Beats Sheer Will Power Any Day!

food strategy for the over 50's

It is not kind to your body or mind to be relying on sheer ‘Will Power’, to avoid consuming foods that are not going to help you on your path to Health and Vitality.


Our ‘Will Power’ well, is in limited supply. We are only human and at some point it will break!


Think about what consistently trips YOU up………remembering that everyone is different. The food weaknesses that really challenge your Will Power may be totally different from mine.


We all need to have a strategy. If you have a strategy – you will not have to rely on sheer Will Power to get you through the day.


A Couple Of My Strategies………


If I am going out with a friend for dinner………I often make a decision before I go.……..I can have wine or sweets – but I can’t have both.


This strategy works for me, as I personally never feel great when I have indulged in both. I tend to feel bloated and I always feel better the next day when I have only had one or the other. So I still get to treat myself by choosing one, but not overindulging.


……..and to be honest – the wine option always wins for me!


I LOVE cashew butter…..….it is very hard for me to resist. Give me a jar and a spoon and my Will Power is pushed to the limits!


There is nothing wrong with cashew butter – it is a healthy fat in moderation. But I am unable to be moderate with it. So my strategy is to buy a jar once a month and enjoy it – but to not buy it weekly.


What Tests Your Will Power?


Think about it, write them down and plan a strategy for each.


Life can be challenging enough without having to beat ourselves up daily, over making the wrong choices with the foods we consume.


Never totally deny yourself something though……….just put the strategies in place so that when you want to indulge – it becomes an occasional enjoyable treat for you.


Following a challenging and effective training program makes it so much easier to make the right food choices. You start to feel the muscles in your body and you know the ‘muscle/mind’ connection has kicked in.


bowl of great food for the over 50's


You feel strong, you feel flexible, and your body feels alive!  You want to respect it with clean, organic, life giving foods.


Take The Time To Plan Your Food Strategy!

Elaine is a Master Trainer with over 27 years of experience in nutrition and training styles. Being in her 50’s she understands what works for this age group. That is why she has developed the CBT20 Core Body Transformation 20 online 14 week training program and the CF20 Core Fusion 20 online 8 week training program. Elaine has also published a free E-Book on developing core strength in your 50’s.