Is Your Life Story Holding You Back?

Be a fit, healthy woman - walking on the beach in Sri Lanka

Is Your ‘Life Story’ Holding You Back From Being A Fit, Healthy Woman?

  Then Rewrite Your Story

  Your life is a story. However, what happened to you in the past is not who you are now.   How you chose to handle your past situations and the story that you choose to tell yourself NOW – is who you are.

  You can make this a never-ending negative experience, which will keep you from moving forward OR you can learn, take the positives and re-write your story. 


How Do You Feel NOW about your Body?

Write down those thoughts – and then cross each negative one out and rewrite with a positive………rewrite your story!

  Then visualise and imagine the healthy woman you’d like to be at this stage in your life….…..write it down with the two most important words at the start of each sentence……..ie;…..


– strong 

– confident with my body

– healthy

– lean and toned

– fearless


 Just use whatever words feel true for you!


Then – Do The Work To Get There!

  exercises for over 50's  

To be a fit healthy woman, is not just ‘lucky’………..you have to do the work!

  You make the commitment and you persevere…..….then you reap the rewards of living in a body that is……..


 Nourished with un-processed energising foods

 And a body that is challenged physically and mentally every day


  The most successful people in the world – had a dream, a visualisation – then they put in the hard work to make that dream come true.   And it’s the same with your body.

  Because you’re not defined by what didn’t work for you in the past.

  Maybe you’ve tried all sorts of diets but put the weight back on.

Perhaps you got bored with your training routine and gave it up.

 Or you injured yourself and never got back into exercising. 

Or you started gaining weight and just accepted it as part of growing older…….


BUT – You Can Change Your Body  At Any Age.  You just have to……… 


Rewrite Your Story, Make The Commitment And Put In The Work!


  When you’re a Strong, Fit and Healthy Woman, this has a flow-on effect to your mind and how you handle what life throws at you.  Because your thinking becomes clearer and your outlook more positive. 

  Don’t be afraid of the hard work and sweat………that ‘work’ is your friend!  

Rewrite Your Story – You’re Strong, You Can Do This.

  You Can Change Your Body At Any Age