I cycled 20 minutes.  In the dark.  Did a 1 hour aerobics class.  Then cycled home.  Showered.  Ate.  Quickly!  And jumped in the car for the 30-40 min drive to work.

I was in my late 20’s. Full of get up and go energy.  But I still wondered to myself, how many years I’d want to keep doing this!

Busy professional with (good) stress or (bad) stress commitments?  Often the first thing to slide in your daily calendar is your workout time.  “Oh…I’ll do it tomorrow…I’ve got too much to do…I don’t have time today!”

Spiritual teachers and even some enlightened Scientists say time is an illusion.  And it is.  The minute you’ve read this….that time has gone…never to return.  You can’t press rewind.  It’s gone.

They say time is something humans have constructed to differentiate between our memories, projected thoughts and the NOW.

In fact everything you do happens in the NOW!

If you think about it like that…then you do have time!

The mistake with skipping your workout in favour of other things in your day, is that the way you….

  • Feel..
  • Move..
  • Breathe..
  • And the decisions you make…WON’T be as clear, sharp and as positive….as WHEN you do a daily workout.

Make it non-negotiable.  Re-jig your daily calendar to fit around your workout time.  It’s NOT selfish.  It’s NOT irresponsible.  You’re NOT letting people down.

A fitter, stronger you IS a gift to anyone you come in contact with.  In your business life.  And in your personal life.

Can you do it in a 20 Minute Workout At Home?

The important thing to get your head around is that you CAN do a body-changing workout in 20 minutes.  If…..you get the balance of the workouts right & the sequencing of the exercises right.

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You DON’T have to drive anywhere to do it.  AND if you’re consistent you WILL change your body.

Get friendly with time!

Don’t give up or give in!

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