The core of your body is basically everything from your glutes (butt) to your shoulders – excluding your arms. Basically, it’s the trunk of your body.

This is your pillar – if it is weak it is very difficult to get the best out of your extremities – your arms and legs. More importantly, a weakened core sets you up for all sorts of muscle imbalances that can eventually lead to debilitating joint issues.

Core Strength Is Not About Having A Six Pack!

Core strength is about having the flexibility……..and the strength through your torso
to pull, push, lift and twist with ease on a daily basis.

It’s about having the muscular support for your spine to rotate
and bend without fear of an injury.

FACT: You simply cannot “lift, pull and push” to your maximum capacity if you have a weakened core!

Amazing changes in posture and in strength can be achieved when you focus firstly on strengthening and gaining flexibility in your core region.

The dynamic movements and sequencing of CoreStrength50plus will guide you to achieve a strong, flexible core, lean muscle and inevitably weight loss.