Katrin Robinson

I very much enjoyed the Core Strength 50 Program and definitely recommend it to anyone who has a busy lifestyle but still wants to make time for exercise.

The sessions are short so it’s easy to squeeze them into a busy day – and because you do them at home you don’t need to worry about travelling time or getting ready, just change into your tracksuit or yoga pants and get going.

You only need a few pieces of equipment and it’s quite amazing just how many different things you can do with a couple of weights. The sessions never get boring, they are challenging and you will feel you’ve worked out – but in a good way, not as if you’re just about to collapse with exhaustion. I always feel great afterwards.

The exercises are explained very well and Elaine is very encouraging. I particularly like the way core strength is integrated into almost all of the exercises. I have a medical condition which affects my spine and I used to be quite stiff but since working out with Elaine I have become so much more flexible.

Ali Martins

Elaine Reynolds has been my personal trainer since 2003 with a 3 year break somewhere in between.  I came to her as a 42 year old professional woman, 3 years post childbirth with terrible posture from sitting in front of a computer 8-10 hours/day, acutely suffering from lack of exercise, but with a try hard mentality that waivers at times.  Elaine is a seasoned, well experienced, qualified and highly competent trainer that assesses each person holistically, defines their baseline capabilities, works with them to achieving personal goals based on their capabilities and sometimes self-imposed limitations and provides customised programs that not only meets their needs but also extends them.

I went to Elaine for pain management, as my sedentary lifestyle and increasing age was causing all sorts of aches and pains that was getting worse.  Her intimate understanding of “ME” and flexibility to responding to a new ache  that had emerged both challenged me and kept me pain free.  It also helped at varying stages of the last 13 years to keep my weight down, sit with supported posture and maintain flexibility.  I am what is considered a ‘mature client’ and Elaine’s forte is making people like me feel comfortable, engaged, challenged and enthused to try new things and to extend myself.  Elaine has continuously maintained her professional development, has an extensive body of knowledge and practice in Pilates and combines parts of Yoga in her routines.  She has gone out of her way on numerous occasions to liaise with other health professionals when I have been having musculoskeletal issues and together have kept me on the straight and narrow.    I will miss her dearly and would without any hesitation recommend her for personal training, group training and for her new online fitness venture.  She is a keeper.

Love your work Elaine!

Dr Indrani Saharay – General Practitioner

My commitment to exercise is now in it’s 21st year. Although perhaps years in nightclubs before then could count!
For eight years Elaine has been my personal trainer. She has infused in me a belief and behaviour that fitness comes from nutrition, balance, energy and self care. I have found my time with her to be a protected space where I can exercise and care for myself. My workouts keep on being challenging and I personally appreciate Elaine’s sound application of anatomy and physiology.
Elaine genuinely applies her own principles of fitness to her clients. The times of lack of motivation and focus are a thing of the past as I have incorporated Elaine’s personal approach to my life.

Louise Douglas

I began training with Elaine because I needed to use exercise to help manage a condition that causes fatigue and muscle soreness. I knew I would not be able to face a gym and also find they provide a very boring and impersonal approach to training. Working with Elaine in her studio I look forward to each session. I have a real sense that we are working together to achieve my goals. I have gained an amazing amount of strength, mobility and flexibility. My entire body has toned even in place’s I didn’t realise weren’t already and my surfing has improved. It has also become a lot easier to sit at a desk eight hours a day. Elaine’s holistic view and functional approach makes it easy to incorporate exercise into my everyday life. Training with Elaine has changed my life and shown me a way to exercise that I will enjoy for the rest of my life. Thank you

Marcia Lazenby

I have been training with Elaine for about 2 years.As an older person who hadn’t trained in many years, it was very hard to take that first step and I knew I would not go to a gym full of people.
Elaine nurtured me right from the start and built up my confidence that I could lift weights and do floor and barre exercises.She also improved my balance and worked on my areas of weakness.My problem left shoulder is now functioning almost as well as the right one and she has worked on improving the strength in my lower back which has been giving me trouble for a long time.
I am now doing things that I never dreamed would be possible and feel so much fitter, stronger and flexible.
I even looked forward to going each week and enjoyed her easy company and encouraging attitude.

Meri Fetin

I’ve been training with Elaine for nearly three years and I look forward to it every time.

Elaine’s experience and knowledge means my workouts have always been tailored progressively to my ability and fitness. We rarely do the same workout twice which means I’ve never got bored or complacent. Elaine inspires me too, because she “walks the talk” and I’m really proud of the fitness and strength I have gained from making this commitment to training.

The Barre is a really lovely environment to work out in, so I always leave feeling energized, encouraged and ready for the day.

Paul C.

I have suffered muscle spasm and tension for over 20 years since a vehicle accident. I tried regular gyms with personal trainers but often pulled up sore with techniques that weren’t helping. This led to a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Elaine taught me in my early 40’s how to ‘functionally’ move again from the very first ‘crab walk’ exercise. I now feel glutes that actually fire when walking, can focus on using muscles between the shoulder blades and have a stronger core. I have learned many new stretches and muscle relaxation exercises for self relief. I have also lost a few kilos in addition to building more muscle and strength which has improved self confidence and motivation.

I highly recommend Elaine. She lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle and understands human and muscle movement like no other personal trainer I have ever met. She is therefore perfect for persons of any fitness ability.

Pippa Depiazzi

Leading a busy and stressful life, I was aware that I had let my physical well-being fall to the bottom of the priority list. Then I met Elaine! She has been my personal trainer for nearly four years and in that time she has completely transformed both my body shape and lifestyle and I am thrilled! After starting to work with Elaine, it didn’t take long before I began to see and feel the benefits of her training programme. I felt great!
The variety and complexity of each session always varied which meant I was never bored and looked forward to each workout with anticipation! These regular workout sessions, coupled with Elaine’s nutritional advice, have helped me to achieve a fit and toned body shape, a consistent positive mindset and a really healthy diet.

Paul Clarke

Elaine was highly recommended to me at a time when I was seeking personal fitness training five years ago and I have continued training with her ever since. She is professional, knowledgeable and her training is delivered in a calm and mature way. I find the privacy of working out at The Barre Workout Studio preferable to a crowded gym, and there is never the need to wait to use a piece of equipment. I highly recommend Elaine as a personal trainer to anyone, who like myself, needs motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Gerri Luck

I have trained with Elaine now for a 3 year period and the improvement to my body has been everything I hoped.
Elaine is patient and understands injury issues, mine being a knee problem.
I have more muscle support in my knee, as well as core strength and total physical improvement.
I lost my trainer to Bali, but now I’m so excited that I can train again with her on line.