If You Feel The Program Is Not Suited To You,
5 Weeks From The Date Of Purchase…….
No Questions Asked!


20 Minute Workouts

Featuring eighteen, roughly 20 minute VIDEO workouts that are sequenced to give you the complete balance of core work, strength work, flexibility, low impact cardio movements and inevitably weight loss.

Every workout features modified postures
so if you are dealing with an injury issue…….
you can still perform the exercise.

10 Minute Workouts

The workouts are designed in 2 x 10 minute rounds. So if you are really pressed for time you can perform one round (plus your pre and post workout stretches) and still get a great body stimulating workout.

Buzzing With Energy?

If you are feeling full of energy and want to do more, you can even opt to do three rounds for a 30 minute workout!

This program is guaranteed to strengthen your core and to awaken vital muscles in your body that you may not have been in touch with for awhile!

Core Body Transformation 20 is a Holistic 14 week program that covers numerous topics…..everything from Mindset through to Nutrition, Hormones and to the amazing benefits of Oil Pulling.

Information is given to you via your Membership Portal, at regular intervals over the 14 weeks so that you are not overwhelmed, but can adapt these achievable habits into your weekly routine.

These “Training and Lifestyle” habits, if taken on board will change how you look and feel for many years to come!

All instruction and information is given from my nearly 30 years of experience.

Pre- Training Week

This is the week before your program starts.

This week is important, as it is your opportunity to :

Take the time to read through the holistic information
available in your Members Area

Write down your “I AM” mindset goals

Look at the Nutritional changes you need to make and stock your fridge and cupboards with good food choices

Print out your Training Calendar and set your
training schedule for the following weeks

Ensure you have all the Training Tools needed
to get a great workout experience

Perform your Self Core Strength test.

So enjoy this time of planning!

The workouts are structured in a 3 days on 1 day off format.
After completing two weeks, 3 new VIDEO workouts are delivered and are to be rotated over the following two weeks.

This gives you enough time to master the moves and ensures your body does not get too comfortable before we “kickstart” it again with a new set of workouts!

A detailed training calendar can be downloaded for your easy reference and rest days are inbuilt into this 14 week program.

A videoed pre workout Dynamic Stretch Sequence is also given in a photographic, downloadable format for easy reference before your workout.

Pre and Post Workout Stretches come in a detailed photographic format that can also be downloaded for easy reference before and after your workout.

A Self Core Strength Test is included for before and after the program to monitor your progress.

Once completed this program is with you for life!

Make it part of your life and you will see a change physically and mentally.

Once you have completed the 14 weeks, this is a “stand-alone” program OR it can be used in conjunction with any other training you enjoy.

You can choose to restart the program from the beginning or make it your own, by simply increasing the sets, reps or weights if desired. This will make these highly effective routines even more challenging.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If You Feel The Program Is Not Suited To You, 5 Weeks From The Date Of Purchase…….No Questions Asked!

This is a Digital Fitness Program strategically delivered via a Membership Portal over a 14 week period.

Your access to your Membership Portal is lifelong!

This is not a one-on-one Digital Coaching Program. However, I am available via email for any queries or questions along the way.

Price: US$269

For an investment in your health, core strength and fitness, this holistic program works out at

less than $20 per week
over the 14 week period!

the information and workouts are with you for life
and will keep challenging you for many years to come.